Is hot, on the inside, but doesn't like to show it until you get to know her. Doesnt know it but is sexy. Once you get to know her she's crazy,funny, beautiful, and holds NOTHING back. Shes got nicecurves and is naturally beautiful inside and out. She's nice, generous, and most often smart. Sometimes she has her blonde moments but is still smart. If you ever have a kallie you are lucky, don't let her go. While is special, most dont see it, but when they do they never want to let her go. Can be breath taking, especially when close. When you look in her eyes she captures you and doesn't even realise it. Kallies are the whole package they can give you everything love, friendship, a little thrill, and so much more. Oftenly pronounced kaylee, is pronounced ka-lee. You will never be ably to fully describe a kallie. She is too exotic.
"Wow she's so . . . kallie!"
#hot #beautiful #nice #generous #godly #kind #exotic #sexy #amazing #breath taking #gorgeous #special #more of a kind
by dance1 January 20, 2015
Brave girls that can make it through anything even rough times and very loveing. Amazing, love able, brave
Kallies are very special girls.
#kallies are #amazing #love able #brave #kind #safe
by Kallie swan April 25, 2015
An female that comes off as a tease, and has multiple boyfriends.
She's a kallie for sure...
#skank #slut #player #tease #skeez
by Kallie6969696969 April 14, 2010
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