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This name means extremely funny , beautiful , & smart . She is a girl who can brighten up a room with her smile . She's a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets , so if you come across a Kaliyah you better snatch her up as quick as possible ! Kaliyah is one of those people you can't forget , she is very desirable . To have her love is a precious gift .
I could tell by the beautiful face her name had to be Kaliyah
by The name keeper January 18, 2013
a martial arts move, to inflict damage with a large booty and beautiful black girl thighs.
He was certain of his impending victory until his opponent devastated him with a kaliyah.
by Karate K August 07, 2008
The best person you will ever meet. She is beautiful, funny, trustworthy, smart, brave, lovable but strange in a good way. She will always stand up for what she thinks and believes in. If you ever mess with her you will have people to deal with.
Girl1: Omg Kaliyah is so funny.
Girl2: I love how brave she is
by Izzydillpickle May 23, 2016
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