1.)Hawaiian word meaning flower or tree. A native tree(Elaeocarpus bifidus), with long-stemmed, ovate leaves and greenish flowers, formerly used for fire making and constructing grass houses, the bark for cordage.

2.)A variety of sweet potato.
kalia is beautiful!
by kalia_hawaii July 24, 2008
Top Definition
Known as a goddess in this beautiful world. A breath-taking stare, a flower with unimaginable beauty, and a life that is active in a good sense of love.

Who's ever name is Kalia would live a wonderful life. Explore places people can only imagine about. Kalia is a Korean native name "Beauty" in ancient times Kalia was a common name to the Hmong tribes in China.

If you ever meet a Kalia, grab onto the person. Because she can bring you luck, happiness, and joy. Only can a Kalia give out show so much love.
"Kalia is so beautiful, omg I'm going to have plastic surgery done, just to look like her."

"Only can a Kalia keep me happy."

BF: Why couldn't you be a Kalia.

GF: Because I don't want that shit.

BF: Shit, SHIT, you smell like shit.

GF: Fuck Off, Shit. It's ova.......
(in her mind) ~ I better call my surgeon tmrw ASAP!
by Kenji Zhang February 03, 2010
Hmong Definitions:

1) To forget


2) Dimple
1) "I do not remember what I was going to say. Kalia it."

2) "Awww...! Your daughter's Kalia makes her look super adorable!"
by Hmongy September 13, 2012
A individual who constantly bitches about everything to everyone, even if no one cares. They frequently eat Poppy-Eyes chicken and talk in slang. Usually no one wants to sit with them, frequently has to ride in the back of the bus.
Hey, lets go out and have fun with tonight, oh wait, we can't because someone invited a Kalia.
by wilberHD August 08, 2008
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