The girl who seams sweet and nice on the outside, but actually is the kind of girl who will take your best friend from you, and cause you to be a social outcast. She targets a innocent girl on the playground with her bestfriend, and then takes the bestfriend away. The girl wonders alone for along time, till they both move to a different school without Kali. I have survived a Kali attack, but it took me a year to become social again.
Girl 1: My bestfriend doesn't hang out with me anymore because of the girl!

Girl 2: You must have been Kali'd.
by Megs4000 August 15, 2012
the sweetest cutest coolest girl ever who like to get revenge on stupid asses who they it
look at kali i want her to be mine
by wouldn't u like to kno August 06, 2003
One of my bestest freinds ever!!!!!
You don't need an example!
by Gossip Gal July 20, 2004
1. A crazy Hindu Godess with many arms, and equipped with many arms like the trident she took from Shiva and machettes, and necklace of heads around her neck.
2. What your woman turns into when you piss her off.
I tried to explain that the other woman was my co-worker, but she went all kali on me.
by RealFakeName November 16, 2006
I cant spell Kalifornia.
by asdasf August 06, 2003
A fox.
Derived from the foxy Kali Knowles.
Kali is such a flippin fox!
by kali January 08, 2005
The most beutifull cat ever!!
I just love my beutifull kali
by milkshake March 26, 2005

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