A Filipino martial art focusing on bare-handed techniques as well as fighting with weapons, especially sticks and knives. Kali is often called Escrima (Fencing) or Arnis (a name given by the Spanish to the decorations on the weapons). Kali places a great emphasis on wrist strength, dodging, mobility and smooth flow. Other main aspects are the implementation of articular levers and the study of the human body's pressure points. It is a very effective fighting style, using every part of the body as a weapon and ditching flashy techniques in favor of quicker, more straightforward ones which can provide fast kills.
"Karate is a one-on-one confrontation between two honorable fighters; Kali is war."
by Michael November 25, 2003
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know as a goddess for power, beauty and the art of pushing someone out of their boundary line in order for them to grow. This goddess is more than a good friend but a beautiful creature. With hair flowing long and beautiful eyes no one can resist her. Although at the first meeting she may be timid but it is only hiding the wild goddess inside of her. To be friends with someone named Kali is like having good luck for the rest of your life.
1."If you were like Kali maybe i would bang you"
2. "Why cant you be like a Kali, there so perfect?"
by nagle92 March 31, 2009
Hindu Goddess of death and destruction; also of childhood drems and wishes.
Calcutta, India has many people who worship Kali.
by Kali February 01, 2004
a referred to girls with brown hair, brown eyes, cute face, and sexy body. These girls are very sweet, sensitive, loving, and absolutely amazing.
Damn, your looking Kali today!!

That was so Kali of you, thank you!
by yourpseudonym11111111111111111 March 25, 2010
1. A really amazing girl who everyone looks up to. She's gorgeous but people don't love her for her looks. She stands up for what is right and wont tolerate stupidity or obnoxiousness from anyone. She does her best to help people when they need it, but has no sympathy for people who ignored her original advice and got into trouble. She is a down-to-earth chick with a fun, caring personality. (Generally does what makes her happy.)
She totally just pulled a Kali, she doesn't take any shit!

Woah, i wish i was Kali. She can do whatever she wants and people still love her!
by XXDANCERXX <-hotness December 06, 2010
An amazing person who is beautiful inside and out. Is a great friend and is very funny! She underestimates herself. If you tell her she is pretty she will deny it. She can make friends with about anyone!
She is definately a Kali!
by Dakotasummer June 25, 2011
often referred to a girl with brunette hair, brown eyes, cute face, tiny, and who has a friendly personality; not a whore; loves more than anything; sensitive; perfect; stunning; goddess; AMAZING; a walking orgasm
You are absolutely Kali!! What more in gods name can I ask for??!??!!
by mr right of corse March 26, 2010
the queen of the chicken dance
by goodreu pressure July 06, 2009

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