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A Stupid person who never shuts up about her life, even when you DO NOT care about her existence. Simply put, a COMPLETE IDIOT
any girl who drives you crazy is kaleigh
by ThatGirl12345678 May 18, 2011
Somebody who most likely likes horses and her own hair very much. Usually has a huge ass, or a bubble butt. They accentuate this by wearing short, tight teans. Usually flirts with every guy possible. Likes to touch them. Likes to eat brownies a lot. Likes to talk shit.

Yesterday, everybody threw stones and laughed at Kaleigh. It was a good time.
by simplistic_slut April 18, 2008
The real definition of poop. Big, chunky, corny, brown, green, orange, red, bloody, liquidy, smelly, thick stool.
I took a huge Kaleigh today.
by Beesma March 17, 2007