Somebody who most likely likes horses and her own hair very much. Usually has a huge ass, or a bubble butt. They accentuate this by wearing short, tight teans. Usually flirts with every guy possible. Likes to touch them. Likes to eat brownies a lot. Likes to talk shit.

Yesterday, everybody threw stones and laughed at Kaleigh. It was a good time.
by simplistic_slut April 18, 2008
A Stupid person who never shuts up about her life, even when you DO NOT care about her existence. Simply put, a COMPLETE IDIOT
any girl who drives you crazy is kaleigh
by ThatGirl12345678 May 18, 2011
The real definition of poop. Big, chunky, corny, brown, green, orange, red, bloody, liquidy, smelly, thick stool.
I took a huge Kaleigh today.
by Beesma March 17, 2007

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