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Having sex while on Ambien. The haziness of the narcotic creates an ephemeral experience during sex.
Tiger Woods and Rachel Uchitel loved Kaleidoscoping: Uchitel told one pal, 'You know you have crazier sex on Ambien — you get into that Ambien haze. We have crazy Ambien sex.'" That's Kaleidoschoping.
by Friend of hungo gloots November 16, 2010
A drug combo of Meth and Xanax
or Meth, Xanax, and LSD (level 2)

Any extra drugs will make it more intense, but it's the point of fuckedupness where no matter how far you try to open your eyes they roll on their own anyway and you can't control it until the drugs wear off.
I was kaleidoscoping so hard yesterday, saying I don't remember anything would be an understatement.
by iliketophilosoph April 19, 2016
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