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1:A smokin hot babe who can rock any hair cut or color

2: A woman with a rockin body

3: A girl who is beautiful in her own masculine way

4:A girl with amazing soccer skills

5: A girl with a snuggie
1: I wish I had Kalehua hair
2: That girl has a kalehua body
by kikookoo February 02, 2010
8 5
1. Commonly known to be the sexiest girl in the world

2. The best in playing soccer

3. Super beautiful in every way

4. One that is nice and sweet to everyone and is never mean and/or disrespectful to anyone

5. The one you will always feel comfortable around, and can always talk to

6. Another meaning as to be smart
Person1. Damn, that's one Kalehua!
Person2. Which one?
Person3. The one over there.
Person4. Oh, yah. Damn, she's hot!!
by ayyoshunkingston September 03, 2011
4 2