An expression used when describing something that's totally rad. It's not just cool, it's green, it's sustainable, it will's kale. Phonetic Spelling: K-h-ale
"Oh my gosh! Where did you get that? So kale."
by Jecelia May 14, 2015
A pretty cool cat that likes to wear a hat. Doesn't really get mad for the wrong fad. When she sleeps she doesn't make a peep. Quiet as a fox she hides in a box. I think you're awesome like a blossom. If I sang you a lullaby would you be my valentine?
Kale likes to dance in advance.
by knittingkritters February 13, 2014
usually a sort of poptart, the kind with sprinkles,
also known as fishtart.
looks like a poptart, tastes like a fish.
also kinda looks like a fish.
man, i saw this kid, he was SUCH a kale.
by Amm18 July 22, 2009
a fat stupid wigger who eats all tylers food after school every day and wears his hat like a jackass.he also goes to the horse stable every day and eats horse shit
me:"hey kale,why dont you go eat all tylers food?"
kale:"i filled up on horse shit already"
by tommy wilson February 13, 2004
an occasionally attractive southern dude who sucks at making bets and thinks basiounys are the hottest goddamn thing alive. never knows what the homework is and sucks dick at bluff.
that douchebag is a total kale.
by lancatttyyy April 26, 2010
a guy who is ok a counter-strike
man kale is in the server we should leave or wel'le lose
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
Tyana's sweetie pie who she adores very much.
'can we have kale for breakfast in bed'
by tyana October 11, 2004

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