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'Kale Soup Shit' is the expelling of feces in which the meal last eaten contributes significantly to the chemical makeup of the released material.

Kale soup, by definition, includes various textures the human body finds hard to digest.

Rice: Gives the feces a "grabbing" texture, plus more material out.
Chourico: Meaty chunks for weight and water splashing, also adds bright orange color to the feces.
Kale: Often released undigested, mostly for color and decorative purposes.
Grease: Self-explanatory.

'Kale Soup Shit' can be used to describe the passing of any excrement, even when soup is not involved, so long as the evacuation involves splattering and mud.
Person 1: "Frank has kale soup for lunch again"
Person 2: "Kale Soup Shit, T-minus 7 minutes."
by Shitbeak July 20, 2010
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