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A pretty girl with amazing hair and pretty hair. Shes shy sometimes and is kinda akward. She is beautiful beyond life and is very kind. Shes good in bed and is very loyal. She can be a slut at times but not always. She always cna be a real bitch but you have to overlook that. She funny and just a really great person.
Kalasia is really cool! I wanna meet her!
by EATBABYPUNK January 10, 2012
A beautiful girl with pretty eyes and gorgeous eyes. Shes kind and always happy. Shes sometimes unsure of herself but that doesnt stop her. She can be awkward at times. She likes to eat small children. Oh and she is beautiful. Kalasia is model beautiful. Alot of people hate her for it.
My friend Kalasia is so pretty!
by BEYOTCH ROBOT December 30, 2011
A girl with a big ass and boobs. She is full of herself and sometimes a bitch. She thinks she can do whatever she wants. She is pretty, but not as pretty as she thinks she is. Most of her friends secretly don't like her. She is very popular.
Friend #1: " Damn, Kalasia is being a bitch today!"

Friend #2: " I know! She is so annoying."
by Karry Lung September 21, 2011

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