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Kalani is hawaiian for the chiefly one.
If there was a Kalani in a group he'd be a boss!
by Hawaiiankine23 June 07, 2009
Kalani means "The Heavens" or "The Royal One" in Hawaiian. Queen Lili'oukalani's name meant "Queen of The Heavens"
In Hawaiian: E ola `o Kalani e Pauahi lani nui
A kau i ka pua `ane`ane

Translated: Long live Pauahi, the heavenly one, to extreme old age
by Kimokal February 05, 2012
The name "Kalani" is a woman that you wake to wishing she was always near. A female with "Kalani" as her name is usually very attractive with a great personality. A person that everyone adores. A lady that long boards and plays guitar. The person who you would do anything for, letting her win contests to going anywhere to see her.

"Kalani" means: loved by many
Morning love, wishing to see you everyday. Kalani, I know you live oh so far, but when I hear you talk feels like, when you stay outside after dark where it is freezing and wet, then rising sun hits you and you feel its warmth go around you.
by Huh who is Matrix? August 08, 2013
A gorgeous girl, who can be shy but is an amazing friend. She is very athletic, trendy, and fun to hang out with.
Wow! Look at that girl's outfit! She's so Kalani.
by Maura Sadie January 23, 2009
After a woman blows your for at least 15 minutes, you hold them down and cum in there ear.
I'm going to Kalani your mom!
by Nixsquad November 10, 2010
Kalani is another word for a stripper. Usually the more unattractive of strippers, and overweight. They may also double as a hooker.
'That bitch is a total Kalani!'
by Morgan Thompson July 11, 2006