awsome, cool, nice, hot person who is the greatest!
that girl is like "KALA".
by sasha March 26, 2005
the party king @ quakenet
dom tre B`ena bajen bira bärs
by Bajen July 05, 2003
Kala is finnish word for fish.
This fish tastes good.
Tämä kala maistuu hyvältä.
by Limapallo September 01, 2005
is an amazing buff jew.

is 'scene'
person one: ooh! i like your hair.
kala beats them up
by jewberry August 04, 2007
Aka Ilari, also know as Ailarei
Ilari is very cool
by manne April 09, 2003
(n.) a pineapple fucker, one who fucks a pineapple for pleasure; (v.) the act of fucking a pineapple.
Man that guy is such a kala.
by Jared Naval April 21, 2008
a word describing a huge faggot who loves to suck dick
Wow Kala really pisses me off.
by marshallweil May 28, 2008

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