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A true female fan of Tom cruise.lives like a nomad,is also a twixter of a kind,its really good to be friends with her,she is single.She is totally senti on Tom Cruise.Her favorite line when mad is,"don't talk to me".BOTTOM LINE:In India you call her a bindaas chick.(cool chick)
I wish Kaku gets over her Tom Cruise hangover and settles for a real chap.
by lonesomeaesthetic March 16, 2005
Kakus is a word used to describe Feces, anal peanut butter, kaka, caca, shit, turd, hershey, etc.
Ahmed got Kakus while sodomizing the village camels.

Junior got a bad case of morrong fever when he played with himself after going to the bathroom.

El nene se comio su caca y parece que le agravo el asma, ahora esta gasping y tiene morrong fever. Gracias al Señol que guilma se dio de cuenta, avanzo y se llevo el nene al hospital. Cuando llegaron a la casa botaron la caca en el zafacon.
by El Nene de Northridge April 25, 2008
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