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(V.) Kay-kin. The action of flirting or hitting on another person.
1. "Dude, that girl is totally kakin with you!"

2. "This guy last night at the bar was kakin with me."
by Emmushroom March 14, 2009
1. a jamaican jerk loving ogre who resembles jack osbourne.
2. a man whose sole purpose in life is to C on the F.
3. a man who has the uncanny ability to 'ride the snake'
Jack Osbourne fan: "Hey, is that Jack Osbourne at wings?"
Rational Human Being: "No, that's just Kakins."

"Man, when I dated that girl all i wanted to do was pull a Kakins."

"Hey, you Kakins, ride the snake."
by Bowlicious March 28, 2005

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