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From the Japanese language meaning forgiveness.

pronounced K-eye-ah

taken from the male work Kai, also means smart, beautiful and intelligent. Is a great friend to many, very caring and loving.
She is such and amazing person, she must be a Kaiya.
by momma41701 February 02, 2010
One of those people who's crazy beautiful, but won't admit it. Her eyes are like the sky when it's clear. Amazing at soccer. Kaiyas usually have a happy outer shell but harbor some deeper secrets inside. She grew up a hippie kid. She is the master of messy buns, her nails are always painted, her laugh changes every other week, she likes to try weird fruits and she's in love with johnny depp. Very few people hear her sing, read her writing or see her cry. Those who do are extremely lucky. The beginning of a friendship with her can be rocky and tough on your part, but once you've earned her trust there is no better feeling.
That's Kaiya:)
by Cream of wheat, you know me:) November 26, 2011
Someone who likes to sing. A Kaiya is a very musical person and sings well.
GIRL: Kaiya is singing OMG
Kaiya *sings*

GIRL #2: Kaiya is the best singer eva!
by TTZOWIECAROL January 05, 2011
apparently a very popular japanese name. Tomiko Kaiya is a famous japanese singer. She is an amazingly awsome person with amazing insight!

The meaning of the name Kaiya is Forgiveness

The origin of the name Kaiya is Japanese

Notes: Alternate form of Kaio
Anna-Did you listen to Kaiya last night?

Kim-No i did not, i wish i did.

Anna-To bad for you!
by kimbahley April 26, 2009
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