one of the most sexiest people ever and is actually a goddess ocassionaly smokes the hash and gets high out her ''''booooox'' but not on a daily basis. has one of the hottest arses in the whole of sunny strathaven not to be confused with the munterish 'kaitlyn smith' can be seen shouting at randomers ' I WANT TO SEX YOU UP BITCH' overall a total babe but definaately not a slut even though has been shagging some total hotties in public places buut hey thats just kailtlyn and we all dig her!
whos that hot peice of ass over there?....

ohh that must be a kaitlyn....
by b to the abe July 06, 2011
A freaky brown-haired EXTREMELY short girl that calls herself normal sized but is lying to herself. She likies to have contractions and never stops talking. Most commonly seen with a Carrington . Her body is unproportional cuz she has no butt but GINORMOUS boobs . She has a high-pitched squeaky voice and sounds like a five year old . AND SHE IS NOT A SKINNY COW .
Guy 1; Who's that?
Guy 2; Kaitlyn .
Guy; I want her.
Guy 2; Too bad, she has a mad lesbian crush on carrington.
by Broskibrabrabrabrabrabrabra November 14, 2011
a soup can/hoe. usually refers to the width of ones vagina.
hey look at that Kaitlyn!

dude she was a soup can!
by megan frisbee May 28, 2011
a girl who doesn't know how to keep her legs closed; whore; slut bucket; STD infested bitch
Guy 1: I used to bang Kaitlyn
Guy 2: Me too
Guy 3: Me too

Guy4: Me too and I know about 6 other guys that have banged her too
Guy 1: That bitch been ran thru!
by Emslim July 13, 2012
The most flat-chested, bitch on this planet. Her voice sounds like she has downsyndrome, she try's to cut her hair thinking she has a talent for hairstyling in reality she looks like a retarded Anne Frank. She wants to sing but can't because she's so hideously pale the stage lights reflecting off of her body would kill everyone in the crowd. Kaitlyn thinks that her pervert jokes are funny in reality she sounds like a fucking 5 year old, she says she is bisexual yet only dates guys and has never said she was crushing on a girl. One last thing, Kaitlyn basically means a girl who looks like a retarded pastey pale monkey with a bad weave, who acts like a immature perverted 5-year old that loves being a bipolar bitch.
That girl is just so Kaitlyn, ewwww.
by Trooftella August 12, 2013
a fat girl who wears too much makeup and is slightly pretty, but slightly ugly. so confusing that her given title is pretty/ugly bitch. her use of letterman jackets is disgraceful.
Did you see Kaitlyn today? Her letterman jacket makes her look extra fat. I hate/love that girl!
by Lamb-i July 06, 2011
A nice pair of titties
Oh look kaitlyn
by Kkkjhs December 23, 2008

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