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A nice pair of titties
Oh look kaitlyn
by Kkkjhs December 23, 2008
A good fake name you can use in any situation to get you out of trouble. A name you can use to prank someone in the internet. Also known as Kate.
Girl 1: "Oh what name should i use to prank Joe?"
Girl 2:"Use Kaitlyn. He'll never guess who it is!"
by MoonshalumpaKaboolishous March 09, 2009
1. A friendless and not very attractive, though vain girl that comes to urbandictionary.com to write complimentary definitions of herself. Noun
2. To post positive information about yourself on any social networking site under an anonymous name.
Hey are you kaitlynning again over at facebook?

Yeah, I am hoping that people will think I am cool, and have friends. :)
Quit being a Kaitlyn...
by pseudologue July 19, 2010
A girl who is a bitch and deserves to die; Drama Queen; Hoe; Girl who thinks she's all that; Fatass
Nobody like Kaitlyn because she's such a bitch.
by Someone who Hates Kaitlyn December 12, 2010
A girl with big oranges boobs
Wow dude she looks like a Kaitlyn!
by Jekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkky September 06, 2008
Crazy psycho bitch.
Dude, this kaitlyn was stalking me last year.
Shit, take that to the insane asylum.
by 51493 September 02, 2008
someone ionvolving a manweeni.dirty slut;stinky cooter.
man kaitlyn manweeni sucks the D.
by cheerandlaxfreak March 30, 2009