An attractive, sexy American girl; a brunette with grey eyes and nerdy glasses. She's funny and very open-minded with the tendency to "explode" in crowds, but that is what makes her unique.
Also called: Kat, Kitty, Katherine, and Kait
"She's weird."
"Who, Kaitlyn? I love her."
#jade #kade #kitty #katherine #kait
by KittyKloudzz October 30, 2012
a smexy gal, who just LUVS to hang out with her friends. Kind, funny,and smart, Kaitlyns are Really beautiful but don't believe it and cake their faces with makeup anyway.
Kaitlyn is so beautiful! I just don't get why she doesn't believe it and cakes her face in makeup anyway...
#pretty #funny #kind #smart #smexy
by bubblebunny2000 January 06, 2014
a girl who loves turtles
dam, that girl is a kaitlyn
#turtle #biology #school #sunglasses #kaitlyn
by JASSHRAAA October 13, 2011
Basic Ass Bitch
dont be a kaitlyn
by mrMandingo May 24, 2016
A hot ass girl with a big butt and gorgeous smile! Whenever you meet a Kaitlyn , keep her
Max: wow Kaitlyn is so fucking hot

Joe: i know dude
by Lynne's May 14, 2016
beautiful, intelligent young woman, funny, smart...lover of Satan, gonna marry Michael Clifford with the big bootay
"I ship Kaitlyn and Michael so much"

"omg they're my otp"
#kaitlyn #michael clifford #5sos #otp #ship #satan
by Satanlover69 July 10, 2014
A fucking hot babe with massive tits and a huge ass. Is down to fuck and will enjoy you cumming on her tits
Kaitlyn is so down.
#caitlin #boobs #tits #cum #ass
by Hshxjehfn November 27, 2014
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