A small hot spunky brown eyed girl
Look at that kaitlyn, she is just smokin
by seanbdizzle July 10, 2010
A smart inteligent girl who is very forgetful and makes a best friend
Your such a kaitlyn always loosing your stuff.
by richardparkerlifeofpie September 16, 2013
An attractive, sexy American girl; a brunette with grey eyes and nerdy glasses. She's funny and very open-minded with the tendency to "explode" in crowds, but that is what makes her unique.
Also called: Kat, Kitty, Katherine, and Kait
"She's weird."
"Who, Kaitlyn? I love her."
by KittyKloudzz October 30, 2012
1.Glowing blonde,

2. Bright, doe-eyed perfection.
3. Strives for physical health.
4. Large breasts, tight ass.

A kaitlyn is usually petite, but her body is pure playboy. A kaitlyn has love that runs deep and loyalty that runs deeper. A kaitlyn is a bit of a narcissist, but has good reason to be. Kaitlyn hates lying and hates liars even more. If she chooses to have your child she will become your every fantasy of a wife and mother. You will forget any other girl you have met. She will reach her goals for an above average and amazing life. If your intelligent, you will be able to keep her. If you loose her, you will regret it forever.
"I'm devastated kaitlyn might be dating some other guy.."
"I am so in love with kaitlyn that I can barely breath"
by pheonixfolife July 06, 2014
An incredibly smart girl who is loved unconditionally by all of her friends and surrounds herself in happiness and doesn't allow negativity to wreck her life. A Kaitlyn is incredibly beautiful and stunning to everyone who passes her by. A Kaitlyn is usually very fit and committed to staying healthy and wants the best out of life and for everyone in it. She is very popular and life just gets better for a Kaitlyn nobody could have a more perfect name for a human.
Person 1#: who's that chick over there?

Person 2#: oh the beautiful one with the gorgeous brown groomed hair?

Person 1#: yes!

Person 2#: she must be a Kaitlyn <3
by cutefacefatchick September 01, 2014
a smexy gal, who just LUVS to hang out with her friends. Kind, funny,and smart, Kaitlyns are Really beautiful but don't believe it and cake their faces with makeup anyway.
Kaitlyn is so beautiful! I just don't get why she doesn't believe it and cakes her face in makeup anyway...
by bubblebunny2000 January 06, 2014
beautiful, intelligent young woman, funny, smart...lover of Satan, gonna marry Michael Clifford with the big bootay
"I ship Kaitlyn and Michael so much"

"omg they're my otp"
by Satanlover69 July 10, 2014

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