an awesome person who obviously can't spell or her name would be 'katie'. she is soooo much cooler than 'katherine' because her name is 'kaitlin' and she likes butterflies and hates sporks. she obsesses over hating sporks. they can all break and burn!!!!
She is a freak, her name must be kaitie
by Nero the Great May 30, 2008
Top Definition
An awesomely hot girl that is anyones perfect match, friendly to everyone. Unique,in spelling and name and in personality. Much cooler than Katherine, everyone knows her name is Kaitlyn. Not a person you want to piss off. Usually Born in a awesome month like Febuary, June, October, or December.KK for short
Kaitie,Awsomely Hot,no one wants 2 piss off,Kaitlyn,Cool months
by Lauph August 27, 2008
a beautiful girl with an amazing personality thats easy to get along with and so much fun to be around, and likes to make new friends using a mop bucket
wow did u see that girl?
yea she's totally a kaitie.
by C85silverado October 12, 2009
A happy person who has a weakness for hockey and its players. A good listener and reliable friend. Likes to party and is always there when you need her.
Call Kaitie, if she's not watching hockey, she'll go out!
by Travis Bolenger February 22, 2007
An extremely awesome person who enjoys yellow converse, Michael Phelps, blowing bubbles, eating ice cream, and slapping peoples be hinds. Shes quite snazzy when it comes to the sport of Curling. When she grows up, she wants to be a Cupcake Model.
Stop being suck a Kaitie.
by Kaitielicious August 26, 2008
Kaitie is a girl who loves to do judo, Ski , and possibly hit other people in the head very hard.. She has a very large BOOTY that she likes to put in peoples faces..She often runs around in her underpants and bra and doesnt care who is watching.She is very active and is called " peanut" due to her shorter size. yah she is short. deal with it. and french.
oh kaitie! what do you think your doing wearing no pants at school! you fool!
by Brittanilynn January 08, 2009
Kaitie is the easiest girl out there. She will sleep around with any guy because she is desperate for any sort of attention. She will sleep around with multiple people and never tell any of them she is using/playing them. She will call you her best friend then talk trash about you behind your back. She has really sticky fingers and will take anything she can get her hands on, not always in a bad way. She will go behind your back, lie, cheat, and steal from you. She sucks up to anyone with authority just so she can screw people over. She will take every thing and give you nothing. The best thing you can do is watch her get dragged by the cops from her dorm room because she was being a bitch.
Watch out for Kaitie she is bad news.

I heard Kaitie got arrested.

Kaitie is super easy to get with, she is with 4 guys right now and has a boyfriend.
by YourABitch June 11, 2013
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