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One of the main characters in the surprising popular video game Kingdom Hearts. Kairi is a teenage girl who lives on the Destiny Islands with her best friends Riku and Sora. She mysteriously arrived on the island and she has no clue where she came from. Kairi is one of the princesses who will complete the final keyhole.
Sora: Say Kairi, what was your hometown like? You know, where you grew up?
Kairi: I've told you before I don't remember.
Sora: Nothing at all?
Kairi: Nothing... (sheesh wat a dumbass)
by Laqueefa April 18, 2005
A super annoying girl.The reason Sora and Riku are so competitive with each other.
The race with Riku.
by Cor December 19, 2003
A useless character in a video game, anime, or any other media. very girly, gets in trouble easily. damsel in distress. makes everything, including the plot, that much more difficult. most often a girl, but is not limited to.
" That girl? She's such a Kairi! all she does is get caught by the bad guy and cause trouble"
by Marly Rose October 01, 2011
Kairi is one of the main characters in the Kingdom Hearts series. She has red hair and blue eyes. Both Riku and Sora like her, but Kairi only likes Sora. The three of them are best friends and live on Destiny Islands. Kairi moved from Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) when she was very little. She is one of the Seven Princesses of Heart along with Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, and Aurora. At the end of Kingdom Hearts II, Riku gives her a Keyblade. It is characterized by flowers and vines. Kairi has no darkness in her heart, only light.
(At the end of KHII)

Sora: We-we're back.
Kairi: (Holds out hand to Sora} You're home.
by Destari October 23, 2007
An extremely beautiful, funny, and smart girl who doesn't always realize what people see in her. She is often outgoing and just plain awesome. You are extremely lucky to know one as you will not find another in your lifetime.
" Man, if my girl was more kairistic then we would be the perfect couple." Said Axel.
by rocketma69 April 23, 2013
1. A character in Kingdom Hearts Disliked by many people because of her whiny voice and lack of breasts in the first game and because of her stupidity in the second. The only good thing about her is Namine. She remains unconcious for most of the first game and ignored for most of the second but that's ok because not many people like her anyways. She also gets a ridiculous flower keyblade for like 5 seconds at one point in the second game. She is the boon of KH Yaoi lovers everywhere.

2. Someone who is a bitch.
1. Gamer: God will someone shut this Kairi bitch up so I can go do somthing more important.

2. God I hate Nikki Morgan. She's such a fucking Kairi.
by SugarSurge June 11, 2007
A girl with pink hair in the SpaureEnix games Kingdom Hearts. Kinda preppy. Usually destroys the hopes of yaoi fans by going with either Riku or Sora.
Kairi rnning like a limp noodle on crack at the beginning of the first KH game. Freaked a bunch of people out.
by Aya0Chan January 20, 2007
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