Abel's older brother from "Ye Olde Testament". He smashed Abel's face with a big-ass rock, and was then doomed to a miserable existence by God.
God: "Kain, where is Abel?"

Kain: "I don't know. Am I my brother's keeper?"

God: "You smashed his face with a rock, didn't you?"

Kain: "........NO."

God: "You're f**cked."
by TheManDanIsCool May 23, 2005
Kain fuery.
A character from full metal alchemist that is a Sargent and does radio signals.
Kain Fuery, that Sargent, is such a minor character.
by Zacktehdinosaur May 29, 2011
Used in the North-East of Scotland. Means to know something or to simply mean "I know"
Jock: "Here you kain that boy fae buckie with the gap tooth?"

Jimmy: "Aye, how?"

Jock: "He's a right arsehole eh?

Jimmy: "Kain"
by Naebody November 29, 2013
A Kain is a really interesting person who kinda seems like a twit at first but then once you get to know him he turns out to be really sweet. One must be careful when joking with a Kain however because a Kain is really sensitive. But a Kain will never give up on something that he really wants. Seriously. He never quits. Even if you ask him to. So if you happen to have a Kain you would be smart to never give up on them either.
Omg. You're with Kain? Hope you were ready to be with someone for the rest of your life.

I tried to stop talking to Kain but he won't leave me alone.

Kain is so sweet.
Really? I thought that Kain was a tool.
by crazyforyoummh April 03, 2014
Villain in the movie "Tenchi Muyo in Love." Kain escaped from a subspace prison that the galaxy police and the king of Jurai had imprisoned him for the past 100 years. He managed to break free and escape, destroying the galaxy police HQ in the process, before time warping to the year 1970, going after the main characters, Tenchi Muyo, mother to kill her, since she is a descendent of the Jurai royal family and contains the same power that sealed him away. He as an A1 class criminal, code named KAIN, and is characterized as an energy form. His age, gender, history, and origin is unknown, and he was wanted on suspect of murder, destroying 13 federated planets and 275,000. In the English dub of the movie, he has what sounds like a Jamaican accent.
KAIN: I can feel it, it's so close, the blood of Jurai.

I honestly don't see how this was one of the definitions of Kain, there's more kain's then a vampire or hot guy..
by Young Fang July 19, 2013
Hey why is my name in this urban dictionary? I'm sub-urban.
Kain is my first name.
by Kain Schwarz October 05, 2004
From Final Fantasy 4. Supposedly Cecil's best friend and rival even though he secretly lusts over Rosa, Cecils girlfriend. He even helps the villain kidnap her at some point.

He was being controlled by the villain but it is revealed a part of him wanted to do it. He is jealous of Cecil. Throughout the game he will join and leave you because he is a weak pussy who cant even keep control over his own mind.

Fangirls and boys alike cream their panties over him. Me? I just think to myself "w/ friends like this who needs enemies?"

Cecil and the rest of his party members let Kain rejoin them easily. Even Rosa who btw could have gotten killed thanks to him. So she is ok w/ letting this creep who wants to screw her and almost had her killed on their team. So Cecil is ok w/ being friends w/ this guy. Yeah the power of love and friendship WOOOOOO! -___-

The only one w/common sense is Edge. He should have thrown a blade in his face.
Kain: See annoying and overrated. Much like Sephiroth (aka mama's BAWING boy) and all those other long haired anime/jrpg guys who think they are all so badass. Its funny how in the end they almost always end up with nothing or dead. :)
by Ms. Rage November 24, 2009
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