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The most wonderful lady in the world had her at one time but lost her if you run into this person you should be greatful and cherish what you have.
Kailyn is so loveable no matter how mad she makes you.
by Darkdesires October 10, 2008
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. Always puts other people before herself. If you ever get a chance to call her as your own, don't EVER let her go. She is the most friendliest person you will ever meet, but she also has her dirty sides ;) but only after she is comfortable with you. Don't ever rush her into things, she will rarely ever forgive you. She may make some mistakes along the way, but she will try her best to make up for it.
Guy 1: So I met this girl named Kailyn, she's really nice.
Guy 2: Yeah, I dated her once. Best girlfriend I ever had..
Guy 1: Oh well, she's mine now! She loves me to death
by mysteryyyyyy January 18, 2011
Wild and crazy, possibly bi-polar. Loving and kind, always willing to try something new and be extreme in both good and bad,but if you get on her bad side, you will not enjoy it. Will likely threaten you, and may very well act on such threats.
Damn, you should be named Kailyn!
by Da-Mutt July 03, 2012
The most smart, athletic, talented beautiful girl in the world. Having her is the most amazing thing to have in life. Everyone loves her. They can't stand seeing her upset. Life without Kailyn is like life without air. If you have her, make sure you keep her. She is the most valuable thing to have.
"Hey, who is that girl? She is so beautiful and talented! Her sport skills are amazing too!"
"Oh, that's Kailyn.
by Soccer|acting December 24, 2014
Usually says that she will bite you or beat you with a stick. Frequently visits Myspace and would die without her phone.

Can be found in local strip clubs winding and grinding on poles.

hey jenna!
wheres ur friend?
well her name is kailyn.
o ok meet u at the strip clubb!
k be there in 5.
by Dani42489 August 31, 2008
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