to pussy out on suicide
Person 1: "Did she drink the koolaid?"
Person 2: "Nah, she pulled a kailee."
by ROFLCOPTER LOLOLOL December 13, 2009
A skinny ass pigeon lookin' cunt faced bitch. With nappy dark hair, raccoon eyes and has a fake orange tan all year long. Known for giving head excessively to random guys, while dating a stupid ass white boy who thinks hes black. Kailee's are generally shit talkers who don't act once confronted :) Basically, they're all talk. Oh! & they look like nasty porn stars.

"dude she talks so much shit, and when I confronted her she did nothing."

"oh, she's a kailee they always do that."

"Stupid cunt!"

"no, just say stupid Kailee."
by saggy tits & a fat ass. April 29, 2009
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