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A girl named Kaia is the coolest smartest brightest and adorable girl in all the world! She's everything perfect, all wrapped in an adventurous superstar... a stealthy secret agent with irresistible cute looks and dangerous fighting skills, a book-smart nerd who makes Einstein look dumb, and an artist that has the talent to make the world look prettier than it is. When you need someone you can trust, Kaia has your back. Kaia is a girl that makes you smile when its a cloudy day, and the girl who makes you live life to its fullest. The best moment of any day is seeing her, and saying out loud: "I love you Kaia!"
Wow that girl is cooler than Ultraviolet! What a Kaia!
by -XZ February 07, 2010
A hot chick more intelligent than a blond, but who still knows how to have a good time.
A guy to his friend:
That kaia might be hard to get, but she'll be worth the chase!
by twodot May 18, 2007
Pure, and beautiful. Loud and outgoing. Gets what she wants. Huge smile.
Her name must be Kaia!
by mommabear84 February 13, 2015
The greatest person who every walk the face of the planet, besides Bob Marley.
You just banged alto of chicks and your friend walks up to and says that your a Kaia.
by The greatest guy on the planet March 29, 2015
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