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Independant, Honest and true, Naturally smart, Warm characteristics, Trusts few

fully but with trust much is gained, Super modest, Reliable in important

situations, wonderful sense of humor, understanding, Insightfully deep and an

Intelligent thinker, Tends to end up in complicated female problems, Under-cover

mushy..rarely UNcovered, Somtimes makes-up words, is ridiculously Charming, an

overall.. just great person.

When this person turns 17 on May 9th, you probably won't even believe it since

it's just oh-so-very difficult to imagine someone so real being that young.

At first you could be worried and ask yourself if he'll change.. however, you

later realize that he's just so capable of making his own decisions that if he

does, it's only for the better.

After all, how could anyone be mad at him, his imperfections make his

personality even more attention grabbing. Plus, sometimes it's alright to be

your own age.. but it's a bit funny to see how he's aware of his adolescent

behavior the whole time..

Hopefully he'll be around for awhile, who else could talk about everything..but

nothing at the same time?

Happy Birthday Kai Bryant Huntamer.
1) Kai Bryant Huntamer could be part of the crowd, but he just doesn't seem to

quite fit in. Who said that?

2) Isn't he the coolest kid on the block..

3) Back in August 2008, Spanish3, Period3:

-What math are you in?
+Algebra II with some ridiculous teacher. too..where do you wana study?
+Somewhere in SoCal.
-Really, weird, me too. What's one of your favorite numbers?
+Three..and I don't know but somthing else probably. too!
+You know, for complete opposites, we have a lot in common..thats odd.

Yes, odd as he would put it, but still memorable.

By the way, would you like to go and study at Barnes&Noble sometime?
by justsmilesillyitsyourbday May 06, 2009
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