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Loyal, good-looking, and friendly male who devotes his time to family and friends. Also has an amazing and never-ending penis.
"I wonder who is going home with that Kahle over there."
by besh besh February 06, 2010
A drink made in this order: a shot of rum, a shot of vodka, a glass of blush wine and a full beer (preferably something shitty like natty light).
That Kahle fucked me up beyond belief last night. One second i was alive and well and the next thing i knew i woke up face down on the bathroom floor.
by Jkizzles June 10, 2009
(Noun) --one who is a hollaback girl, one who is or partakes in being a pussy, one who is affiliated with being an "ussy."
Dont be a kahles, fuck the bitch already
by i love narwhals December 09, 2009
A crossdresser that shits on his mother's china plates and attempts to pass them off as delicious brownies. Also known to impersonate women in chat forums to pick up gay men.
I heard that guy in the house over there is a major kahle. Don't eat any food he offers you.
by it's a mystery November 27, 2007
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