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N. An Amazing beast at any video game, sport, or pretty much anything...

N. A Nerd

N. Cheese
Boy that dude is either a kaes, a kaes, or a peice of kaes, and also who cut the kaes?
#beast #video game #nerd #cheese #people
by BUCKEYE BLITZ May 12, 2009
Version of "Okay", "O.K." or the texting version, "kk".
In texting:
"Hey i've gtg, brb"
#okay #o.k. #ok #kk #okey dokey #fine #alright #k
by Manamana-do-doo-do-do-do November 10, 2011
V. to quit a job with little notice to take better job
I'm kaesing it because I've been offered a better job.

You hear about Roy? He kaesed it and moved to Atlanta.

I'd kaes this place if only people were hiring.
#quit #fire #retire #leave #lose a job #get a promotion
by deadhours December 14, 2010
Residue in the nose, dried snot. Synonym for "booger".
"Ugh, there's a massive kae hanging out of your nose, please pick it out!"
by Bad Dog February 01, 2004
A walking, talking, ANUS
That twerp is a major Kae. BIG TIME!
by Big Dude January 26, 2004
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