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Quite literally the best girl in existence. She's the reason you wake up in the morning looking forward to the day. She's a total British fiend. She's far more beautiful than she ever gives herself credit for. She's a devoted and loyal friend, and a very loving person. Kaeri is of an otherworldly breed. She truly is remarkable and one of a kind. She's the type of girl anyone on Earth, or anywhere for that matter would be lucky to know, let alone be close to. She's a trusting, and honest person. She is beyond amazing. A marvel and a true gift to mankind, she is a unique and beautiful soul, and deserves nothing but the absolute best the world has to offer.
Kaeri : Hey Josh. <3
Josh : KAERI<3333333333333
Kaeri : lol
Josh : :3
by Blood.Blitz June 20, 2011

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