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Kaelin is a name usually given to a girl of amazing standards. She is a girl everyone should look up to and respect. She can rock short or long hair with ease, and will have an excellent taste in music ranging from Led Zeppelin to August Burns Red. She usually drives a nice car such as a Scion Tc. If you have the privilege of dating such a girl, then you have truly accomplished something in your life and should be put on all future resumes.
Wow Kaelin is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

Dang I wish I could be half as pretty as Kaelin.
by Billabongsurfer November 19, 2012
117 20
Most awesome girl ever.
Kaelin Rhea is awesome.
by lizzy April 06, 2005
129 47
Beautiful and funny girl with the charm of a pixie. Loves music and laughter. Has an engaging smile.
When she acts that way, she is such a Kaelin!
by canadian_kiwi February 02, 2010
92 25
The boy who gets all the girls with his beautiful hair and personality.
Look at him he s such a kaelin!
by Madfire1421 February 20, 2010
47 35
A boy with curly black hair that can beat up debon.
Look at Kaelin He's unstopable
by Madfire1421 February 19, 2010
29 28
Beautiful pool of water at the base of a waterfall.
Dylan splashed in the kaelin.
by Kaelin's Dad May 05, 2005
44 47
a fucking badassical bitch who is way better when with her other badassical buddy Wendi
Wendi- a badassical bitch who can normally lay someone out in a second
WOW you're such a Kaelin
by kkapplejuiced February 16, 2009
34 48