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Amazingly beautiful, partier, lovely, she is the best friend anyone can have.
Kaeli is a cool gal.
by Kaelibear<3 October 28, 2009
Waiting so long to resolve a problem or a situation until it is no longer possible to rectify the problem or issue completely and irreversible damage has occurred.
Person A: Dude, my car's engine is totally busted.
Person B: Yeah, well, if you drive 20,000 miles without changing the oil, you're gonna kaeli it.

Person A: I totally kaelied my hand by not going to the ER after breaking it and waiting for it to heal by itself.
by CHEINS November 22, 2011
Kælis is an Norwegian slang word for an Gangsta(We call a Black boy a gangsta in Norway)
Se så schmøs den kælisen er da.
Look how good that black boy/Gangsta is.

Schmøse is a word that means good
by Håkon s June 13, 2007
A mean girl who always looks up Destiny in the urban dictionary and has a good smile
Girl 1: Look at her Girl 2: Mhm. That's kaeli.
by xDessy October 26, 2010
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