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A girl who is usually very athletic regardless of the sport, she likes music and when it comes to the way she dresses she likes to keep it casual. She's agressive and can be a total bitch if she wants to be, so try and stay on her good side. Otherwise she talks to everybody and anybody and is always willing to meet new people. She's quite the smartass and always seems to have a smile on her face. May come off as shy at first but get to know her and she'll rock your world.
Oh that's Kadisha, she's a pretty cool girl
by Thomas Castello June 30, 2011
Usually a bitch who has no taste in music. Someone who has no social life and laughs at lame jokes. Really ugly and has the most annoying laugh in the world.
Don't be a Kadisha please. That's just lame.
by Cooeloi October 16, 2011
A tall lanky person. Usually a total bitch. Gets way to aggressive and sooks about everything and anything.
Girl: What did i f****n do wrong! (etc etc)
Boy: Man don`t chuck a Kadisha
by Faaaaaaaag. February 28, 2009
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