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A caring passionate individual who knows females mentally and physically wise

Kind gentle sweet almost perfect, but good enough.
He put others ahead of his priority just to see them smile. A very passionate one with a good heart but with a temper problem, but it don't last long. He is very devoted and dependable. He would make a great partner

Some call annoying and talkative but has a conscience that guides well. quick to make friends but yet likes to be alone. a very mysterious one.
Man, you are such a Kadesh. People said i am just like a Kadesh
funny sweet cute lovable passionate
by dussy dussy December 11, 2010
a dependable person, who is a gentleman and not afraid to stand up for others. He is a good person. Also a good boyfriend.
Man, kadesh your are the best.
by pleaseaddthee June 02, 2010
a name of an awsome guy that is hot and has a good personallity and someone how will make a sabrina happy but cusses alot and everyone loves him exspecally sabrina and he has a friend named rowan for some reason
hey kadesh ur hot
by i want a purple monkey27 January 10, 2009
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