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1.)A hormonally charged young woman who knows that she is always right.

2.)Crazy ass bitch from the streets who will is tough as nails and will totally cut a hoe.

3.)That girl who will offer you a cigarette after realizing that she doesn't have a lighter.

4.)Someone who sees more through a camera lens than her own two eyes.

5.)The bane of Allison Vogelaar's existence

6.)A total sweetheart.

7.)One of a kind.

1.)Man, at first I thought she was a bitch but then I realized that she was a total Kadeema.

2.)I totally saw Kadeema kick Ryan Button's ass outside the pub last night.

3.)Do you have a lighter? I got Kadeema-ed.

4.)If you got glasses you might see half as much as Kadeema.

5.)Dude, she totally went Kadeema on that professor.

6.)Don't try to be Kadeema, because there will only ever be one.
by ionthenerd December 28, 2009
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