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The best person to ever walk the face of the Earth. She is the most beautiful, gorgeous, and amazing person everr. She possibly has the most mezmorizing eyes that you could stare into forever. She is the definition of perfect. ---------- She has no competition with Joey.. Alyssa can have Joey. V.S. V.C. V.B. fo shoooo
Everyone wants to be a Kacie
by ;dsakl;fdjsk;a March 22, 2008
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a girl that is amazingly awesome to talk to, and is very hot and pretty, and has a very douche-y boyfriend that she needs to dump cause she needs someone better.
Kacie you dont deserve to be treated the way you are when your with joey, you should dump him and go out with me instead.
by IREPIC June 28, 2009

an AMAZING girl who is very sweat and kind. she has big lips and a big heart. she is super funny, sweat and would DIE for any of her friends, boyfriends, husband word on the street blow jobs are her specializes. she is the best friend and lover to ever meet. she is also very beautiful and doesn't even know it, she thinks shes ugly but she is really the most beautiful person in the world. her eyes are soooooo pretty you fall in love with her the second you see them
"man look at those eyes, there in no competition to kacies though"
by mary manbadfter November 03, 2013
A girl who typically does not wear a bra or underwear.
The other day I looked at that girl and she totally reminded me of a Kacie.
by justlikeourlast231 December 30, 2010
a girl with huge lips full of collagen, word on the street is she's only good at 4 things...
1) kissing
2) poster board presentations
3) sudoku
4) solitare
"dammn look at those lips on kacie, wonder how much a pair of those would set me back"
by gammer December 03, 2008

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