Buttox, Butt, Booty, Ass.
My kaboodle seriously hurts, because I fell on it :)
by allia June 11, 2007
A lot. A whole bunch. A large amount.
I had kaboodles of fun today.
by SwirledFruit January 24, 2012
(n., adj.) vernacular used among teens in the new millenium. Often used as a derogatory term to express extreme hate, pain or surprise.
*a man walks in to see his spouse sleeping with someone else
Man: What the kaboodle?!
Man in bed: Holy shit, I'm kaboodled.
by justincredibleoc April 12, 2010
A cat's butt.
let's spank that cat's kaboodle!
by hayley. July 10, 2008
A kabana sausage that is made with strands of noodles embedded throughout it.
"I will have 250 grams of ham and a kaboodle please"
by american_ninja58 February 29, 2008
a fucking frankenstine of a tackle box used to hold some bitches face paint
"oh look at all this cute teeny bopper makeup ive got in my kaboodle
by AC December 13, 2004
A word i used one day to describe my boyfriends arse. Much more interesting the arse, ass, bum
Loui has a sexy sexy kaboodle!=D

Babi, lovin' ur kaboodleness!

Damn, those jeans are kaboodle material!
by *WiCkeD* March 22, 2005

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