a string, strip, or piece of something that protrudes from an object.
usually refers to toys or clothing
"what's that thing on you shirt hanging down?'

"oh, it's just the kaboodle"
by mastermo February 18, 2014
Another name for cat puke.
Mystuiqe just spewed kitty kaboodles all over the place.
by WhiteCherry February 06, 2013
(n., adj.) vernacular used among teens in the new millenium. Often used as a derogatory term to express extreme hate, pain or surprise.
*a man walks in to see his spouse sleeping with someone else
Man: What the kaboodle?!
Man in bed: Holy shit, I'm kaboodled.
by justincredibleoc April 12, 2010
A cat's butt.
let's spank that cat's kaboodle!
by hayley. July 10, 2008
A kabana sausage that is made with strands of noodles embedded throughout it.
"I will have 250 grams of ham and a kaboodle please"
by american_ninja58 February 29, 2008
a fucking frankenstine of a tackle box used to hold some bitches face paint
"oh look at all this cute teeny bopper makeup ive got in my kaboodle
by AC December 13, 2004
A word i used one day to describe my boyfriends arse. Much more interesting the arse, ass, bum
Loui has a sexy sexy kaboodle!=D

Babi, lovin' ur kaboodleness!

Damn, those jeans are kaboodle material!
by *WiCkeD* March 22, 2005

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