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A religion taken to by celebs to gain extra media attention, many show there attention seeking need by wearing a brownie made string bracelet.
Madonna, Britney Spears
by KrazyKim May 22, 2005
The most highly respected part of ancient Jewish mysticism created by Rabbis during Medieval times, revolving highly around encrypted meanings hidden within the Torah and deeper forms of meditation (Read Sefer Yetzirah).

Has absolutely nothing to do with either Madonna or Paris Hilton whatsoever, dammit!
To know Kabbalah is to become closer to God (your creator).
by Rebel Rabbi August 21, 2011
A lame ass sect of an ancient religion characterized by the sluttiest most popular people studying it. Real Jews call them Faux-jew and don't invite them over for Sader.
Paris Hilton studied Kabbalah for a week but the excommincated her for being too slutty and stupid, it's ok now she's studing scientology.
by Falliokiosaurus Rex May 15, 2005
You can't be Christian or Jewish and participate in the occult because it is forbidden by God.
Kabbalah is occultic mumbo jumbo!

I wouldn't want to go against the will of god.
The insane, irrational & contradictory babblings spat forth from the foaming mouths of Jewish mystics.

Much beloved of celebrities and others persons of weak character who delude themselves into believing that following the current trendy zeitgeist imparts upon them some degree of depth and/or personal philosophy.
Kabbalah makes scientology look rational
by big\Al October 22, 2004
Toilet Paper.

see butt wipe
Oy vey we're out of Kabbalah,pass me that Koran.
by ass-strologers... March 24, 2005
neo-gnostic book of pornography which Hitler used to masturbate to
doubles well as toilet paper
by it's evil March 23, 2005