Dude did you really just tell the teacher to shut the fuck up?

Yea dude I got a month of detention.

Aw, but that was KA

by Bob Saget's brother March 20, 2010
prefix; adds emphisis to the word after it.
wow that girl is kanasty
by amadeus wolhausen June 25, 2008
Something that is so immediately "kick ass" it needs to be expressed in shorthand! Pronounced "kay aye"
That movie was totally KA buddy!
by XTian May 26, 2003
to ka someone

to flick them in the face with force

also used randomly in sentences
"i will just ka you in a minute"

"im not scared to just ka you the head"

"what the ka?"

by ollietheka April 03, 2007
to denote strong hatred.
fuck you biatch! Ka!
by taylormade April 14, 2004
a ho call, a way of telling your boys there is a hot honey up ahead
Ka!! Over there and too the right
by DJgreensauce April 26, 2005
ka sounds just like it looks. ka. when i was younger and my parents took us to mass, there was always a chinese couple who sat in front of us, caddy corner, indian style on the pew. one day, the woman must have had some sinus congestion or something, so out of nowhere, she begins to sneeze. after a few unproductive sneezes, she gathers her phlegm and watch out - KA - it went flying in the church. KA is the sound she made as her mucus flew and joined the choir sitting in front of us. (ok, well, i dont know where it really went, but it was funny as hell and we laugh about it to this day!
by tracey January 17, 2005

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