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1. Noun:

hawaiian: ka(the) 'ena(the hottest part of the flame; the world between our world and the next world- that being of death) Means strong Spirit and Strong to the Ocean

2. Adverb:

A hott gay fijian/german, with curly hair and a few personalities. Known as The Scary Fairy. Great Dancer and easily bored during commercials. Unemployable Employee( easy to hire, but will regret decision after a few days). Way funnier than people give them credit for.
1. He embodies everything about his name, Ka'ena. Strong Spirited and great personality.

2. OMG! Thats the illusive Ka'ena. I've only ever heard about them. I thought they lived in closets.
by HawaiianTudor February 04, 2010
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