a variation on the original and best sexual lubricant on the planet; ky warming feels warm to the touch as soon as you spread it on human skin
my favourite intimate lubricant is ky warming; it turns warm on contact, and I can just "glide til I cried"
by Jake January 20, 2004
Top Definition
A personal lubrican made by Johnson & Johnsons, made to produce warmt sensations in the intimate areas.

Pros: It feels warm in your privates, last for a very long time, doesn't get sticky, ideal for pounding an ass to ashes!

Cons: has a chemical smell, it tastes like shit, wont recomend it for oral sex.
Put a few drops of KY warming in the tip of you dick and in the lips of her pussy or clit, or in his ass if you're a faggot, and voila! start fucking on fire!
by Moen Doe June 22, 2009
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