It means, WAS
That kwas weird...
by Susanna Spieler February 25, 2004
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An airsoft gun company; about the only one in America.
I just bought a KWA m4!
by Zallomallo June 06, 2010
1. Feigning productivity by an over compensated, incompetent employee with photographic evidence of compromised superiors.
2. Dry humping office equipment.
1. Yo, Phelps, are you fooking kwaing it?
2. Stop kwaing the fax, Arseware. Dude, I hope those Dockers are stain resistant.
by im_a_useless_c June 08, 2005
Awkward... (awk backwards, so it makes it even more awkward)
The kwa moment when...
by bestwordever. June 15, 2011
used in association with N.W.A(nigga wit attitude), but used with a white person, Kracka Wit Attitude...
imma K.W.A, kracka wit attitude
by dat white gurl January 13, 2008
This word has 2 meanings in south Africa.

1 : Paintbrush
2 : Vagina
Example 1 : I paint with a kwas.

Example 2 : Sheesh ur kwas is wet , or stick u dick in her bearded clam.
by PieterofDooM October 15, 2009
A cigarette
Hey man can i have a kwa?
by Boofybro October 06, 2008
An morbidly obese person with a large ass who uses said body part to propel herself swiftly down the track.
Man, look at the K-Wa go!

K-Wa's hazard lights are on!
by CullenMorganAshley August 19, 2006

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