A verb meaning to "take a large dump." This usage derives from "KUFO" as an object which takes a "large dump" onto an entire demographic of people. KUFO can be used literally or metaphorically.
Will you guys excuse me? I have to take a KUFO.

Wow, my Windows 98 PC sure is taking a KUFO right now.
#dump #crap #ricker #screwed #excrement
by J-Dubb's Theatre October 25, 2009
Top Definition
An Unidentified Flying Object known for "crapping" onto a city or large body of people. This term came to be after Portland's radio station, 101 KUFO, fired the city's most popular radio personalities, e.g. Cort and Fatboy/ The Rick Emerson Show, and replaced them with Seattle's Ricker, thus "crapping" on the city of Portland.

It is speculated that the "K" in KUFO stands for "Krap". The letter "K" is often used in place of a "C" to symbolize either a child at an entry level of reading, or an adult of sub-par intelligence.

It is also speculated by some that this term came from the radio station's crappy selection of music which people put up with only to hear their favorite radio personalities.
1. Boy, we sure got KUFOed when the networks canceled Firefly.

2. We're really getting hit by KUFO these days, what with all these reality shows on TV.
#crap #ricker #bone head #screwed #rick emerson #cort and fatboy #radio
by J-Dubb's Theatre October 25, 2009
A radio station in the Portland, Oregon area that plays all kinds of rock/metal.
"The only radio station worth listening to around here is KUFO."
#radio #rock #101.1 #ufo #metal
by Kulawend August 14, 2007
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