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A creature of such intense power, it can crush spacetime with it's six mighty eyelids.

The correct spelling of KRAAAG!!! is always CAPITALISED and always has three exclaimation marks. If this is not so, KRAAAG!!! is spelled incorrectly.

KRAAAG!!! regularly eats people, but only outside the frame and only when it will cause lulz.

KRAAAG!!! is the only creature that calls it's own name, apart from zebras.
Postman: Good morning! I'm here with some letters for you.

KRAAAG!!!: ..............

Postman: It's a lovely day isn't it?

KRAAAG!!!: ..........

Postman: The birds are singing, the trees are swaying. Yes, it's going to be a lovely...


Postman: Oh, god!
by Bov March 17, 2008
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