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Kink Quotient. On a scale of 1-9 (10 being seriously frowned upon by the law)
A numerical evaluation of an individuals penchant for deviant sex or otherwise.
Marquis de Sade's KQ; undoubtable a high ten.
by stillwaving August 02, 2012
In RuneScape, a boss monster. Many people consider her to be a pain in the ass. (For those who play, this has provided an inside joke to describe people in a negative way)
I took on the Kq the other day and I got a dragon chain from it!
by I Wish To Opine March 05, 2011
describes an asian person that also looks like a monkey
Did you see that guy's face? He is such a KQ!
by PacoTacoBell October 12, 2008
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