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Abbreviation for Kingdom of Trolls. Evolved from the IMDb forums.

The most epic forum eva!
User1: Where did all the IMDb regs go?
User2: kot
by tztelw3 December 05, 2007
Keep On Tugging. This refers to foreskin restoration (uncircumcision). Tugging is when you stretch the shaft skin on your penis so it will grow.
I am going to KOT until I get full gland coverage on my penis so it won't be dry all the time due to being circumcised!
by Monta Ellis January 24, 2007
originated from Kyle English of Chicago when referring to his brother as a man whore just wasn't enough.
He came up with KOTS


his little brother
defends this title well
and remains to be KOTS forever
ex1: Kyle: damn look at that cutie
Kurt: oh no i think it's time for KOTS to come out

ex2: Dude stop trying to be KOTS !!

ex3: Dude that was a Total KOTS moment huh?
by SexKitten 4224 SHYA March 16, 2009
an abreviation for king of town from
"its a new day for the kot"
by trogdor April 09, 2003
old German word for poo, shit. Used in terms of animals.
in tiefster not, schmier ich mir kot aufs brot.
by palbright July 13, 2006
kots is an action that happens when you had to much to drink, to much to eat, and went on a roller coaster. people usually get mad if you kots on them. its a south african word used all over the world, because of its flexibility and powerfulness
die ou voor my het op my geKOTS, ek gat hom dik donner...

the guy infront of me barfed on me, im gonna hit him...
by Pieter December 14, 2004
derrived from the name dexter, means king of the south and has astonishing power over people, usaully a scorpio
the young man that went to lake mary high school is the kots.
by timothy madison September 25, 2009
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