The extremely derisive and annoying sound one says to interrupt boring, unimportant or unnecessary stories or sentences spoken by friends. It is spoken like the work k (Kay), but with an elongated 'a' to complete the word. Often accompanied by a derisive look, a judging mouth click, snapped fingers and the ignoring of the boring person. Supremely effective in rapid fire situations.
(Anytown, World)
Friend1: Dude, so this weekend, me and my mom were watching C-SPAN and this really intere-
Friend2: (snaps fingers, points at Friend1) Kop.
Friend1: Uh, alright, so after that we knitted some socks for my cat Mitt-
Friend2: Kop. (Turns away from boring person)
Friend1: God, I hate you.
by srqresistance May 14, 2010
king of prussia mall where everyone in the phildadelphia subrurbs goes to shop. everyone goes there pretty much every weekend
person1 - omg did you go to kop this weekend?
person2- of course i went i go like what everyweekend
by shopaa July 10, 2006
KOP is like lol although not standing for anything it means the same but where lol is meaning less u can say kop as an alternative when something is actually funny
she fell over! kop
it was so funny kop
you can write it when something is actually funny
by naomi234 August 04, 2007
kop, derives from the saying "fair cop". except we can neg be arsed to say fair, and it looks better with a k. so kop or possibly koplligence.
"ere m8, just got some new shoes"

"kop, not bad"
by egg man May 16, 2006
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