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Somebody who believes that he has friends. Those "friends" he has would rather shoot themselves in the face, and get laid by a fat chick then hang out with him. He is a pathetic waste of oxygen.
A KO'Neill is also well known for being a compulsive liar. They will like about anything, from how many girls have had sex with them, to how they have a six pack.
KO'Neills also can't fight to save their lives. They believe that winning a fight is running away from it instead of actually fighting. When KO'Neills do get into combat, they tend to slap their opponents like school girls.
If you know anyone who is acting like a KO'Neill, slap them across the face, then kick them in the balls to snap them back to reality.
"Look at that kid over there, sitting in the corner, all by himself."
"He's just doing the KO'Neill!"
by KHNF March 08, 2007

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