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Kill me now
KML stands for Kill me now. self explanatory
by KMNNNNNN September 15, 2010
21 256
killing myself/meself laughing - laughing extremely hard at something
'Dude,I was totally kmling at yo joke. Shit was off the hizzle!'
'You're white.'
by sarah_the_failing_star_ August 30, 2008
196 65
KML is the phrase used to explain your hatred toward an object because it kills your life.

A step up from FML
I hate uni, KML!

These uni assignments kill my life

I have car rego due and I'm broke, KML.
by DJsmartWords January 29, 2014
2 6
Literally, "kill my life." Often used under stressful conditions in which one is out of luck and prone to failure. "My" can be used interchangably with other possessive pronouns, such as "your, his, her, their, our."
KML - I just walked in on my boyfriend giving it to my best friend doggie-style.
by Molly Brenner May 08, 2006
49 162