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Killer Movie Community
"Yo' check out the post i made on KMC"
by Spooony July 17, 2005
a stuck up steezy sleezey bitch with an egotistical attitude the size of mount Rushmore.. she is the anti-Christ and in the year of 2012 her and her evil step sister Patricia will grow wings and horns and kill everyone and eat there intestines.

by black beard the butt pirate July 08, 2009
Literally means/stands for Kiss Muff Cuddle. The go to move for someone who runs and locks themselves in their room once they get a girl.

Usually associated with the following two scenarios:

1) The girl they run away with is an ex girl who cheated on them and/or just fucked someone else that the guy is aware of
2) Their boys sit outside the locked door and laugh at them inside as they exchange "estrogen shots" (Note: Estrogen shots are the opposite of cum shots. Total opposite of Testosterone or any other display of sheer manhood)

The theme music to KMCing is "Butterfly Kisses" and "The Man You've Become"
Q: Yo, is he comin out with us tonight?

A: No, He's KMCing and administering estrogen shots. I think he actually might be going to Home Depot to try and buy a drain for his room cuz all the pussy juice in here is gettin a lil out of control..

WTF is that gay ass music? Oh, that's just KMC in his room

Girl: Baby, since it's your birthday I decided Im going to give you a blow job tonight
KMC: Nooooooo, I just wanna muff you all night - I would never want you to do that. Let's just order a movie and KMC til we pass out :)
by JustLOLok September 08, 2010
An acronym for a Chicago, IL based gang called, "Kry Motherfucker Cry".
Zach tried to join KMC but got his ass kicked because he wasn't rugged enough
by Roomba August 17, 2006
Stands for "kiss my cock"
Jonny: Hey man whats up?!
Sam: STFU and kmc!
by xomb1 July 19, 2005
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