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Short for "Que el fuck," which is Spanish for "What the fuck." The "Que" and "El" are replaced by the letters "K" and "L."

KLF man, that kid just stole my cookie!
by the $cuN>| January 08, 2007
Def 1: UK Acid House band from early 1990's, best known for their greatest hit "Last Train To Trance Central", as well as for their wild, offbeat and contreversial behavior. KLF is acronym for "Kopyright Liberation Front" and were known for their creative use of sampling. KLF is in hiatus "until peace is declared worldwide". Def 2: In Eureka Seven, a military LFO.
" That Type Zero took out 3 KLF units!"
by Vohton June 10, 2006

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